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ФСБ потребовала от интернет-сервисов онлайн-доступ к данным и переписке пользователей

Летом 2019 года ФСБ разослала крупнейшим российским интернет-сервисам письма с требованием установить оборудование, позволяющее сотрудникам спецслужб получить круглосуточный доступ к данным пользователей. Такое право спецслужбе дает «закон Яровой», но требования к интернет-сервисам ФСБ начала выдвигать...



China has lost its monopoly in bitcoin mining

Bitcoin hash rate began to fall. Experts believe that this...

Crypto VS Fiat

Coinbase is now the most expensive exchange in the world. Even among the fiat ones!

Economic games in personal development: why CashGo is useful

In childhood, many played monopoly - the participants need to rationally use the start-up capital in order to buy up as many enterprises as possible and bankrupt their rivals. However, in life you often have to compete...

What is Monero – cryptocurrency features and development prospects

The advent of cryptocurrency has allowed users to make anonymous payments. However, later it turned out that with the necessary computing power, it is possible...

About fees in the Bitcoin network

Commission when transferring bitcoin, what it depends on and how to save money

Which Bitcoin wallet is better to choose. Overview of options

Which Bitcoin wallet is best to use for Android and PC. Reliable wallet options for storing and withdrawing Bitcoins, electronic and special gadgets

How to buy Litecoin for rubles for a beginner without commission. Step-by-step instruction.

What is Litecoin - an overview of the cryptocurrency and its features. Litecoin is included in the top...

TON – is it all over or is it just starting?

«We made a difficult decision not to continue working on TON. Unfortunately, the American judge is right in one thing: although we...

Появилось новое оборудование для майнинга Биткоина

Компания MicroBT выпустила свою серию майнеров со скоростью 100 TH/s. Кажется это начало конкурентной борьбы компании с Bitmain. Производитель асиков MicroBT объявил о своем новом оборудовании для майнинга биткоина,...