Economic games in personal development: why CashGo is useful


The West has long paid great attention to personal development and financial skills. Education ends at one university. If a person wants to achieve significant results, he needs to improve every day.
Courses and trainings often generate negative reactions because teachers talk about obvious things and the process itself does not generate engagement. Alternatively, it is better to use economic games.

What are economic games

In childhood, many played monopoly – the participants need to rationally use the start-up capital in order to buy up as many enterprises as possible and bankrupt their rivals. However, in life you often have to compete not with other people, but with yourself.
Economic games offer solutions that seem simple at first glance. In fact, they teach competent money management. It is necessary to regularly monitor that expenses do not turn out to be more than income, wisely invest the accumulated funds and successfully use a loan to start a business or purchase assets.

How to register at CashGo

CashGo is a mind trainer that will allow you to get useful skills in an entertaining way. To register for the service, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the official website CashGo.
  • Click on the «Register» button.
  • Indicate the main need – getting rid of debt, saving or receiving passive income.
  • Indicate the type of activity.
  • Choose your monthly income.
  • Indicate what percentage of funds you save monthly.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Please enter your age.
  • Move on to testing financial intelligence.
Игра для новичков на сайте CashGo
Before the start of the game, the user will be offered to undergo training.

The beginning of the way

In the first game, the user gets the role of a courier. With a salary of 5,000 rub and monthly expenses of 4,000 rub, you need to accumulate 50,000 rub in 40 moves.

There are many financial instruments available to achieve the goal:

  • loans;
  • insurance;
  • valuable shares;
  • business and so on.

On each turn, the game offers to make different decisions – from purchasing specific securities to starting a small business. If funds are insufficient, you can try to get a loan. Please note that the bank knows about your income, so you won’t have to rely on a large loan.

On the left side there is all information on current income, expenses, assets and liabilities. There is a graph on the right. It makes it easy to track efficiency and development dynamics. All actions are recorded below – if the schedule sank, you can quickly find the error thanks to the detailed records.

In an easy, playful way, the user will get acquainted with such concepts as ROI, bill of exchange, insurance policy, stock market and so on. At the end, the financial intelligence index will be calculated – the faster the player cope with the task, the higher his score will be.
After successfully passing level 1, you can start a new game, playing the trainee. With a starting salary of 5,500 rub, you need to collect 60,000 rub in 40 moves.


CashGo can be played with other users at the same time. Fights offer to compete with each other – the main task is to be the first to achieve the set goal. All participants are given equal conditions, so the factor of chance is minimized.

By defeating other users, the player increases his financial intelligence. This will allow you to advance through the league and fight more serious opponents. After the fight, you can work on the mistakes by looking at the most successful moves of your opponents.

Experience exchange

There are many successful entrepreneurs among CashGo users who are ready to share their experience and opinion with other platform participants. There is a forum on the site – here you can familiarize yourself with current topics or ask for advice. A friendly community is always ready to help newbies.


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