Gala Games – blockchain gaming platform


Investors are pouring tens of thousands of dollars into collectibles. Nothing out of the ordinary, but these things only exist in the digital world. In 2021, they sold a skin in CS: GO AK-47 Case Hardened for 150$ thousand.But in Gala Games, the most expensive NFT was already estimated at 3 million.

What is Gala Games?

It is a blockchain platform with its own ecosystem. She appeared in 2020. A simple system allows you to quickly integrate tokens into games. If the user drops a virtual item, he / she receives the right to possession with it. The digital asset can be exchanged or sold.
There are other ways to earn GALA during the game. Unlike other blockchain applications, the founders of the project put quality first.

How Gala Games work

The blockchain platform can be compared to well-known stores such as Steam. The site offers a wide range of games and in-game items. A trading platform is available to users. However, Steam does not allow withdrawals after a successful sale of an item.
Gala Games has its own token, which is already listed on major exchanges like Binance.

The GALA digital asset is used in item exchange, peer-to-peer payments, and node rewards.

Each user can become part of the system by running Gala Node.

To do this, you need to purchase a license in ETH, GALA or BAT. After that, it is enough to download the software to your computer.

The maximum number of nodes is 50,000.

Games review

The Gala Games project has been working for about a year, but it already boasts a finished game. More than 1.3 million users have already played it.

NameDescriptionGame status
Town StarBrowser city planning simulator. Players are encouraged to select a location on the map and develop an area. There are several ways of development – industrial or farming.Available
MirandusRPG in the genre of fantasy. The developers promise 5 different classes to choose from, several different locations and freedom of action. There will be 5 major cities in the open world.In developing
Spider TanksMultiplayer PVP. Participants are invited to drive tanks with spider legs. Dynamic battles take place in small arenas. After the release, the developers intend to hold eSports tournaments.In developing
FortifiedA browser-based PVP game in which you need to defend your city from invaders. The developers promise to provide enough flexibility for the participants to create different strategies to win.In developing
Echoes of EmpirePlayers will have to explore the vast space. To do this, you will have to take possession of the fleet and constantly develop it. You can go on an adventure alone or join a guild.In developing
The Walking Dead: EmpiresSurvive this harsh reality by doing your best. Find supplies and build your new home. Team up with allies, compete with manic enemies and always beware of the dead.In developing
LegacyA game about growing your own business through the power of developing creativity. Design and manufacture your own products, sell and trade on the market and get the most profit! Manage every aspect of your city.In developing
Last ExpeditionThe world’s first AAA first-person shooter based on blockchain. Players will face a hostile alien world in which everyone and everything wants to destroy them.In developing

GALA token review

The developers plan to issue over 35 billion coins. By the fall of 2021, only 7 billion are in circulation. 17 million GALA are distributed daily between the owners of the nodes.

Every year on July 21, a halving occurs and the mining reward is halved. In 2022, users will receive 8,561,643.


Gala Games is a promising platform, the success of which largely depends on the quality of the games. If the developers manage to release several long-lasting hits, this will have a positive impact on the token price.

So far, only one Town Star game is presented on the site. Compared to other browser applications, it certainly does not perform well in terms of graphics and animation. Among the disadvantages are the limited number of mechanics.

The project definitely deserves attention. It will be possible to make final conclusions about the prospects after the release of a larger PC game at Gala Games.


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