How to buy Bitcoin through Qiwi, step by step instructions


There are many ways to become the owner of digital currency, but the easiest way is to buy it for the national currency. In this article, we will look at how to buy Bitcoin through QIWI.

Instructions for buying Bitcoin through Qiwi

QIWI is a popular payment system in Russia that allows you to open an account in rubles. With its help, you can quickly and with minimal commissions purchase cryptocurrency in different ways:

  • exchanger;
  • exchange;
  • directly.

We propose to consider each option separately.

Through exchangers

Several exchangers operate on the market at once. These are special services that support several exchange directions, providing an opportunity to buy bitcoins for Qiwi. This method has several advantages:

  • High level of anonymity.

To use the services of exchangers, you do not need to register. The user just needs to choose a suitable service, fill out an application and pay for it through Qiwi.

  • Simplicity.

Trading platforms and p2p exchange services have a more complex interface. In the case of exchangers, it is easier for beginners to get used to it and make a deal faster.

  • Withdrawal to a personal wallet.

When a user buys a cryptocurrency through a trading platform, the funds remain in the exchange wallet. The user will need to pay an exchange commission for withdrawing money.

But exchangers have drawbacks. Among the cons are:

  • Risk of fraud.

Not all services are fair. There is a small chance you will stumble upon scammers and be left without money. Be sure to check reviews about the service before buying bitcoins for rubles through Qiwi.

  • Unprofitable course.

Exchangers, unlike trading platforms, set quotes on their own. Usually, such services are guided by the average market price, but the quotes in exchangers are not updated so often, which leads to a big difference compared to the price on the exchange.

Among the popular exchangers that offer to buy BTC for Qiwi are:

All such online services work according to the same principle. To apply for the purchase of Bitcoin, follow the simple instructions:

  • Go to the official website of the exchanger.
  • Select the exchange direction: QIWI / Bitcoin.
  • Specify the purchase amount from 1000 rub. In some services, the minimum exchange amount is from 5,000-10,000 rub.
  • Enter the QIWI wallet.
  • Enter the address of the wallet in the Bitcoin network.
  • Enter your phone number and email.
  • Go to payment and confirm the payment.

Usually the application is processed within 5-30 minutes. You will not be able to buy BTC instantly, because one block is generated within 10 minutes. The user needs to wait until the transaction is confirmed by the system, after which the amount will be displayed on the wallet balance.

Through exchanges

Trading platforms are in high demand and trading volumes. This is due to the following advantages over exchangers:

  • Instant exchange.

On the exchange, all transactions for the purchase and sale of currencies are executed instantly. After closing the order, you will be able to withdraw money to your wallet.

  • High liquidity.

The top cryptocurrency exchanges have a daily trading volume that is significantly higher than the reserves of exchangers. This allows you to conclude transactions for large amounts.

  • Favorable course.

The user independently sets the purchase price, which allows for an exchange at a more favorable rate. This option is suitable for those who want to make a profitable investment as cheaply as possible.

But the exchange has its drawbacks:

  • Commissions for deposits and withdrawals.

When replenishing an account through QIWI, the user can lose up to 3% of the deposit amount. The commission for withdrawal in BTC is usually lower and amounts to 0.0004.

  • The need for verification.

To buy cryptocurrency for fiat, many exchanges require verification. At a minimum, the user needs to verify their identity, and in some cases, their place of residence.

  • Complex interface.

If the user has not traded on exchanges before, then he will need more time to understand the interface and available orders.

Among the cryptocurrency exchanges that provide the opportunity to make a deposit through QIWI, we can highlight:

Consider buying bitcoins through the Exmo cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Go to the official Exmo website;
  • Go through registration and verification;
  • Open the “Wallet” section;
  • Find the balance in rub;
  • Click “Top Up”;
  • Choose the QIWI payment system;
  • Enter the amount of the deposit;
  • Click top up;
  • Confirm the payment;
  • Go to the “Trades” section;
  • Select the BTC / RUB pair;
  • Below the chart, use the “Limit” order to indicate the purchase rate, or “Market” to purchase the cryptocurrency at its current value;
  • After execution, the BTC orders will appear in your wallet on the exchange.

When you first deposit funds, it takes from 24 to 48 hours. You can replenish your account only from your personal wallet in QIWI, and not through the terminal.


You can buy bitcoins for rub through Qiwi directly from sellers – P2P exchange.

There are several trading platforms on the market:

  • Binance;
  • LocalBitcoins;
  • Exchanger.Money.

For P2P exchange, it is better to use Binance – it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with a high level of reliability. It also allows you to trade other cryptocurrencies.

Among the advantages of P2P exchange are:

  • Speed.

Sellers try to fulfill their obligations on the application as soon as possible. In most cases, you will receive BTC within 10-20 minutes.

  • Low transaction amount.

Unlike P2P exchangers, users have the ability to conclude transactions for small amounts. Here you can buy BTC for 800 rub, which cannot be done in most conventional services by volume.

Among the disadvantages are usually distinguished:

  • Big difference in the course.

P2P exchange is less profitable than trading on the exchange, but there are also opposite situations when the seller did not manage to correct the selling rate, and the price of the coin fell in the market.

  • Low liquidity.

This option is suitable for buying a small amount of cryptocurrency – we conclude a deal with one seller and his capital is very limited.

Commission and limits

To determine which method is most profitable to use to buy BTC, you should pay attention to the commission and limits:

FeatureExchangeExchangerP2P exchange
The minimum amount5000 rub (minimum deposit)1000 rub200 rub
Maximum amountUnlimitedLimited by reserveLimited by reserve
Commission0.1% per transaction + commission for account replenishmentPayment system commissionPayment system commission

Based on the data in the table, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • P2P exchange is better suited for users who need to buy BTC for a small amount of up to 1000 rub;
  • the exchanger should be considered when buying cryptocurrency in the amount of 1,000 to 30,000 rub;
  • exchanges are more suitable for regularly trading and buying BTC for a large amount from 30,000 rub.

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