Maison Capital is a platform with a token for investing in cryptocurrency


In 2022, users expect the active development of the digital asset market. According to CoinMarketCap, over 8,500 coins already exist in January. Their number will continue to increase, so investors are waiting for even more promising projects for investment. You can buy cryptocurrency not only through the exchange. Maison Capital will allow you to invest in tokens at an early stage.

About the project

Maison Capital is a community-driven decentralized investment ecosystem. Developers provide users with several options for earning:

  • Staking – all MSN holders can participate in the mining of new tokens.
  • Framing – Users are rewarded for providing liquidity in MSN/BUSD and MSN/BNB.
  • Investment – the platform will independently select new projects, and participants will have access to closed rounds of tokensales.

The Maison Capital smart contract was audited by Techrate.

Primary sale

The platform held a token sale in November 2021. It consisted of two rounds: private and seed. In the first case, the cost of MSN was $0.6, and in the second case it was $0.5. In total, 2 million tokens were sold – 1 million in each round.

Bidding began at $5.4. For some time, the token attracted the attention of investors and the rate increased to $6.8. However, after that, a long decline began. One possible reason is the high payouts for early adopters for staking and farming. In the second case, investors received more than 1000% per annum. Thus, in about 1 month it was possible to increase the capital by almost 2 times. A week later, supply significantly exceeded demand. Within a few months, the price dropped to $0.94. At the same time, the volume of trades significantly decreased.

The price of MSN coin continues to fall for more than one month

Overview of tokensales

Maison Capital hosted several pre-sales of tokens:

  • Memeking.
  • Meta NFT.
  • Astra Guild Ventures.

The MEMEKING token showed a good profit. The price of MMK at the start was 0.008 BUSD. PancakeSwap started trading at 0.027 BUSD. However, in 2 weeks, the price quickly dropped to the initial value. In mid-January, the price of MMK is $0.002713.


At the start, the project offered an income of up to 312% per annum. This became a sufficient background for many investors who began to buy up the coin. However, the staking rate is floating. This means that profitability will drop noticeably over time. To this should be added the volatile exchange rate, because of which not everyone will be able to get a plus.

In mid-January, Maison Capital turns out to be not such a profitable project. Along with the fall in the rate, the income from staking has decreased. Investors receive up to 78.85% per annum.


Even more interest can be earned for providing liquidity. In this direction at the start it was possible to receive 1147.17% per annum. In just a month, the investor increased capital by 95.60%. However, in January Maison can no longer boast such attractive rates. Earnings on farming dropped to 177.45% per annum.

Advantages and disadvantages of Maison Capital

The project turned out to be ambiguous. With its pluses and minuses against the background of competitors.

Working platform – the service really works.Anonymous team – in the public space
Users can earn on farming and staking.there is no information about the developers.
Access to token sales – Maison Capital has passed through several cryptocurrency startups, which have shown a good income for the first investors.The probability of a scam – at any time, developers can abandon the project and merge the remaining coins.
Listing on the exchange – entering the centralized trading platform should have a positive impact on the MSN token rate.


This is not the first decentralized investment platform. Therefore, Maison Capital cannot be called something revolutionary for the market. Despite the drop in the course, the developers continue to work on their own blockchain and in the future, the participants will have several important updates:

  • Smart venture vaults.
  • Trade storages.
  • Mobile app.
  • Exchange listing.

The project deserves attention. One listing on a large trading platform will lead to an instant increase in the rate. Potential investors face the choice of waiting or investing now. The coin is even cheaper, so there may be a better moment to enter.


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