What is Monero – cryptocurrency features and development prospects

The advent of cryptocurrency has allowed users to make anonymous payments. However, later it turned out that with the necessary computing power, it is possible...

TON – is it all over or is it just starting?

«We made a difficult decision not to continue working on TON. Unfortunately, the American judge is right in one thing: although we...
Ubisoft и криптовалюта

Ubisoft Utilizes Ethereum for Blockchain-based Game Development

French company Ubisoft, renowned for its computer game development, is exploring the potential of Ethereum-based applications. According to information from Les Echos, this development...

Crypto VS Fiat

Coinbase is now the most expensive exchange in the world. Even among the fiat ones!

China has lost its monopoly in bitcoin mining

Bitcoin hash rate began to fall. Experts believe that this...

Gala Games – blockchain gaming platform

Gala Games proposes to create a complete ecosystem in games. Virtual items acquire real value and...

Morpher – something new on the exchange?

Morpher is a one-stop trading platform for trading that guarantees...

TOKENCORE.IO is an innovative API for payment forwarding

TOKENCORE.IO – a leading developer of USDT payment forwarding APIs...

ATOM and Cosmos: Revolutionizing Blockchain Interoperability

The world of cryptocurrencies has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and innovation in recent years. Among the plethora of digital currencies, one that has gained significant attention is ATOM...

Cryptocurrencies with Instant Transaction Capability: Exploring Fast and Efficient Digital Transactions

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way we conduct financial transactions, offering decentralization, security, and anonymity. However, one major challenge that many cryptocurrencies face is the speed of transactions...

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