TON – is it all over or is it just starting?


«We made a difficult decision not to continue working on TON. Unfortunately, the American judge is right in one thing: although we, people outside the United States, can vote for our presidents and elect parliaments, we are still dependent on the United States when it comes to finance and technology.»

This is one of the theses of yesterday’s post ( by Pavel Durov.

Where he published an article on the completion of work on TON:

2.5 years of work of the best engineers and programmers rested in the fact that our world is too centralized around the United States. The confrontation with the SEC ended with a ban on the launch of TON, and Durov publicly admitted defeat in this battle.

Even the Telegram company itself, corny, depends on the placement of the application in the App Store and Google Play.

«This may change in the future. But today we are in a vicious circle: you cannot bring more, balance an overly centralized world precisely because it is so centralized. We tried, however … We leave this to the next generation of entrepreneurs and developers to learn from our mistakes.»

Such a loud statement about the closure of the project, of course, spread throughout the media and created a big wave of information.

All telegram channels and news publications bury TON: some with honors, and some with obvious gloating.

And the battle is really lost, but is the war over? That is the main question.

  • Is there any hidden meaning in such a loud admission of defeat and the announcement of termination of work?
  • Who was this message for?
  • To the whole world, or perhaps to someone specifically?

For example, to some regulatory authority from one big country …

Similar doubts were expressed by the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev:

«I’m not ready to say that everything is over. Rather, a serious regrouping is taking place. Perhaps we will see other battles.»

Pavel left the battlefield, where he was forced to play according to the rules of the enemy (SEC), it is quite possible that another battlefield is being prepared now. Where the rules will be dictated by the other side.
I think in the future we will see an interesting turn of the whole story… «We would also not be in a hurry with the final conclusions about TON.»

The history of the blockchain project is clearly not over. Do not forget that TON is open source and can be implemented by third-party enthusiasts. But in what format is another question.

And knowing Pavel Durov, as a brilliant creator of information lines and a strong entrepreneur, a post about stopping work on the TON platform could only be an intermediate step.

Perhaps we are not observing the end, but the beginning of a new development.
So, stay in touch, we will keep you updated on the latest events!

Thanks to the TON telegram channel (tontelegramnews) for the material.


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